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AtheistMom is a recovering Catholic married to an exMormon…they are happy, kind and moral people who feel pretty certain that there is no God. AtheistMom wants her child to grow up to be a critical thinker who lives life in the now…because there is no after.

“I would not for my life destroy one star of human hope, but I want it so that when a poor woman rocks the cradle and sings a lullaby to the dimpled darling, she will not be compelled to believe that ninety-nine chances in a hundred she is raising kindling wood for hell.”

—Robert Ingersoll, How to be Saved, 1880


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  1. I wonder if on your death bed you will think about where you will spend eternity.

    I feel so sorry for you…without hope you must have such an empty existance.

    I will pray for you at church tonight. You said that you are “pretty certain” that there is no God. I am certain that you are wrong!

    I will pray that God will show you before it is too late.

    God bless you…

    • A Response to Cathleen:

      Ummm…I don’t believe in eternity so I doubt I’ll be wondering where I am going to spend it.
      I feel a lot of hope. Hope for humanity and for our ability to make things right. I am a very hopeful and optimistic person.
      I don’t really know how you can be “certain”…if you are, then you don’t have faith. Faith is believing in something despite not being certain.
      I didn’t sneeze but thanks. Could you sacrifice a goat too? According to the Bible that should move things along a little faster.

      • Oh my God grow up! If you doubt God, then try to find him in yourself like a normal person! the bible is not the end all be all. Its a shame America has such ignorant people.

        people in Africa are starving, and dying, but still believe in God with their heart. but I guess there just delusional huh? Atheist make me sick, and I’m not even religious.

      • I am not scared of “heaven” or “hell” or “judgement” when I die. But I must admit I have been a lil concerned lately….(I am new to this “realistic” way of thinking) about death being the end. And my mothers death (someday) being her end…and so on and so on. Do the feelings of fear subside over time. I have been a real skeptic of religion for 2 or 3 years but I just became a full blown non believer maybe a year ago when I realized someone had taught me to imagine that BS. Anyway what is everyone’s feelings on this? Please heaven and hell people no comments.

    • Your such a beautiful family! I can totally understand how it must make you sick to see hypocrisy, it does me too. Although I have hurt people, said things I wish I hadn’t, and been a true hypocrite many times. We are not perfect people and therefore we can not expect perfection from anyone else. Catholicism and Mormon denominations are not a fair search for God. Maybe you have never really tried to find him? If you want to find God, you will not do so in religion, he is found in a relationship. If you search, you will find hi6m. He is waiting for you at the door, knocking. Caroline, do your children the best favor in the world and lead them to their creator. Nothing in this life can fill our God shaped void. Your such an intelligent woman and I can tell your so loving and such a great mother. Don’t miss out on God’s plan for your life.

    • Would Jesus Christ talk to non-believers this way?
      How are you SO certain that AtheistMom is wrong? What proof can you show her?
      An empty existence? Some of us like to question things. Some of us like to expand our strengths, our wisdom. I don’t need a god to have hope. I only hope to live a righteous and fulfilled life. I am my own person, and every decision I make will affect who I will become. Without god, I realize that I only have one life to live and I shouldn’t mess this up. There is no written plan for me. That wouldn’t be fair to me, or any of us.
      It is more special to do the right thing when you lack faith because without god, all things are permissible. You can do WHATEVER you want. And if you choose to do the right thing, then you’re a success because you don’t do it out of fear of possibly going to Hell.
      Read this: Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God? -Epicurus

    • I would like to know what makes you think she wants your sympathy. All “believers” were only taught to believe when they were growing up because as children we only know what people tell us. Maybe these “teachers” were misinformed and didn’t realize that life is so simple that you live….ONE TIME and then you die. MAYBE just maybe this “God” that you all claim to be worshiping is a figment of every believers imagination and going to a house of worship is simply a practice that makes deaths final end easier to cope with…and they take your money in the process. Yes death is scary when you know science tells you it is the final end….but it makes you appreciate this one life more and the people in it more. We are all just lucky sperm with a beginning and an end. One time and then go bk to where we came from in the first place when life was going on without us before for millions of years. Did you ever think of that?? Love and appreciate your life….because the reality is you only get one. As George Carlin would say….”I’m certain there were no Atheists in the Ku Klux Klan.”

      • One more question…why are religious people posting on this website. This website should be a place of peace, calm and reality… Do we not block them or is this just a constant argument…bc that sounds no fun at all.

    • Religion teaches nothing but intolarance. It teaches u to reject anything or anyone that contradicts the bible. If u need a broze age, homophobic, racist, intolarent, book written by babaric sheep herders that didn’t know how the world worked so they invented god to tell u how to be a human being then there’s something wrong with u.

  2. I’m a believer, not someone who is going to be in your face pushing my religious beliefs down your throat. However, I do feel sorry for people who believe in nothing. There seems to be a disconnect somewhere in your life that has led you to this way of thinking. It’s wonderful to be a critical thinker, but in all your infinite wisdom, why can’t you think about what life would be like with a God. Having faith in God is difficult for many people because they cant’ seem to see past their own minute existence in the world. Believing in something that you can’t see or touch or hear takes courage. I hope you find that special moment in your life where all you will have is your faith in God. Just like the bible-belters that curse everyone who doesn’t believe, you are similar since you chastise and insult those that do believe. Your belief systems may be at opposite ends of the spectrum, but you are one in the same.

    • However, I do feel sorry for people who believe in nothing

      Why would you say something like that? Just because someone doesn’t believe in a magical sky man doesn’t mean we don’t believe in anything else. Love, friendship, hard work, family, science, humility, humanity, peace, etc. These are real things you can believe in, human things that do not depend on magic and imagination.

    • It doesn’t take courage to believe. It’s fear of going to hell. It takes courage to “deviate” and adopt the stigma of being a non-believer. Many atheists, as children, were raised to believe in a god. Then we found a special moment in our lives where we realized that whatever we asked for god to do in our prayers were things we could’ve made happen ourselves.
      Epicurus said this : Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?
      It makes so much sense. and that’s what atheists like. Logic.

  3. Thank you for blog. ‘Athiest’ seems to be a bad word these days, and it is a relief to hear a voice of positive and thoughtful dissent amongst the legions of religious and dogmatic. My husband and I are a few years away from being ready to have children, but I look forward to being an athiest mom, too.

    “I don’t have to live forever to live once and to live completely.”

  4. Once I came to the conclusion that there was no god, I forgot how I could ever have believed in the first place. It’s amazing what happens when the veil is lifted. I’m not terrified at night anymore, thinking there are demons and evil around every corner. I honestly can’t understand the disgust that people have for atheists.

  5. I stumbled upon your web site because I am researching atheist which also believe in pacifism. I am a Christian. I believe in Christ and have been baptized. However I am also majoring in Biology, so I believe in evolution. I live in the Bible-belt so even my beliefs are criticized. It is not my job to change you or persuade you to think any certain way. These people who believe in Christ or any God should know it is not there place to judge. My thoughts on this mater is if your beliefs or the beliefs of anyone on this page, what ever they may be makes you a better person then by all means that is your “path” calling” whatever. You either have faith or you don’t and no one should need a Bible, commandments or rules to live an honest and respectable life. Morally you should know right from wrong. I also do not believe you a sheltering your children by this life style maybe pushing unintentionally on them. I was not raised Christian and later made the choices for my self as with politics my parents wanted me to have a mind of my own and chose my own beliefs they don’t always agree with them but I am my own individual person. Your goal as a mother is to lead and protect not to push.

  6. Rene- that’s ironic, because I think people who believe in god do because they can’t see past their own minute existence in the world. What existence is more minute? Being created in the image of an all powerful being that watches over us, or just simply being…unwatched, unprotected, in this universe, and not having been created by some god. Ovbiously, the latter.

    You’re wrong. People have difficultly breaking away from their faith in god, because they can not face the possibility that they are not special in the eyes of a god. Seeing that some great father figure is not watching over you, loving you, and that your parents, and church teaching are lies; that takes courage. I feel sorry for you. Maybe one day you will find that courage to see life for what it really is. Its very beautiful when you lift the veil of belief. I hope you have the chance to see life through an non believers’s eyes before its too late.

    And who are you to say someone can’t think about what life would be like with a god? Many atheist were raised as believers. I was raised catholic, and although I saw at a young age that was bunk, I believed in a higher power until my early 20s. Do not assume an atheist has not lived as a believer. And truthfully, only an atheist can comment on which life is better. Since you have never seen life as a nonbeliever, you have no idea what you’re missing.

  7. Wow, how did your blog get to be such a magnet for the religious? I (as an ATHEIST who will not be wondering where I will spend eternity on my deathbed, either!) have been reading through some of your posts and I love them! We need more Atheist Moms out there! It seems like most are either college students or older men/women. Nice to meet a fellow mom!

    • I agree! So nice to hear from another atheist mom. Such a refreshing find. I’ll be checking in with you often!

      • Another non-believing mom here! I will also be checking this site often. It is true that you see stuff written by many atheist/agnostic/non-believing moms.

  8. Here is a comment for you “believers”. First of all I am an atheist, and consider myself a very moral, happy, and fulfilled person in my life. I dont hurt people, and I dont steal and murder. In fact, I am a mother expecting my first child.

    For one thing, you do not have to have a belief in a god to be happy or moral. If you believe that then I gather you only go through all of the motions of your religion for either hope of reward after death, or fear of punishment (by your most merciful and loving god, mind you) burning forever in hell.

    The belief in god reminds me of the belief in santa claus and the easter bunny. Someone just never came along and gave you the little talk, and you never figured it out on your own.

    Believe what you will, and be loving and peaceful in your beliefs, but do not push them on other people. It is not your place. Atheists are not trying to make you atheist, so stop trying to make non believers believe what you choose to believe.

    Your imaginary friend has never spoken to me, and I really doubt that it has ever spoken to you. Think about that for just one moment- I know you talk to your god, but has your god ever actually talked to you?? I think not. And if you are hearing voices, I would consider driving yourself to the nearest mental facility and checking yourself in.

    • This is such a great comment. I am laughing out loud. Whenever someone asks me why I don’t believe in god, I say, “I don’t have to, I have a conscience.” I am very suspicious of people that won’t steal or cheat or harm others just out of fear of being punished by god. I trust people who intrinsically believe these things are wrong.

      • But why are those things wrong and how do you know that they are? Without God, who dictates what is moral and what is not? Where does that “consicience”, that you say you have, come from?

      • Your conscience comes from evolution and biology. It’s complicated, but has to do with the combination of time, witnessing cause and effect, survival of a species, and other higher level skills that we have developed as advanced primates.

  9. Please explain your view on how the universe was created. Even down to the first atom……I am a science teacher and christian so I have many views that do not work with the teachings of a strick baptist church (the way i was raised)

    • Hi Lisa,
      I appreciated your comment and am currently looking into your question. I am not a geologist by training but your question made me think about the creation of the universe and so I will be posting a reply in the near future.

    • My view is this…I DONT KNOW. And that is ok to say. I think if people would be ok w/not knowing all the answers we would make much more progress as a whole. The idea that not knowing makes u dumb or discredits what u do know is much of the problem we all have. No matter what u believe or dont believe u can not profess to know it all and be taken seriously! lol

  10. I just found your blog and find such confort in it. I am an atheist (and ex-Cathoic) and am alone in that choice among all the people I know. I it is a very lonely choice for me-and one I’m forced to defend often. I am committed to raising my girls to be smart, kind, compassionare, critical thinkers. I cannot understand what is wrong with that? I look forward to reading more from you.

  11. “AtheistMom wants her child to grow up to be a critical thinker who lives life in the now…because there is no after”

    Since you are not bringing up your child with religious beliefs or so. I think you would struggle as a parent, as your child will have no bounaries or limits when they’re older as they are not going to be brought up with religious discipline.

    I myself, am a catholic and found that religion helped me to suceed to the fullest and gave me limits and boundaries to do things and not do things (drinking, wild parties, etc) on an occasional basis. As a teenager, I did drink and went to parties but also had limits which I am so proud of having!

    Please dont ignore or bad mouth this post with your silly atheist rants.


    • Why is it impossible to believe that one can be taught to have boundaries and morals w o instilling the fear of God? I am Muslim turned atheist (shocker I know!), and my children know that there are limits to EVERYthing that they do. I think it is extreemly rude to come to someone elses page and express YOUR opinion and then demand that they not respond w/their own.

    • So, if I do not raise my kid with religion, then I can not teach him right from wrong? I can not teach him that he should not steal, or murder. If my son takes something that is not his.. I can punish him.. and tell him he did wrong.. Next time he thinks of taking something.. He will wonder if it belongs to someone first..

      The fact is, raising someone with religion is more about teaching your child to FEAR. You should not steal because GOD said so, and to disobey GOD makes you a sinner and being a sinner means you will forever burn in hell.

      I am not going to sit here and scare my kid into being good, nor will I sit here and tell him that there is, or is not a GOD… But do NOT sit here and tell me that I can not teach my kid morals just because I choose to not raise him in a religious environment.

    • So what you’re saying is that Atheists don’t have rules or guidelines for their children?

      As a Catholic, I find it funny that you’re so intense about your response while under the tent of the most malicious organization in the past 2000 years.

      It is so vapidly narrow and shallow to claim that YOUR God is THE God. What about Allah, Krishna, Ra, or Ganesha? It’s one thing to believe in a higher power or source, but to pin it down to just one…one which happens to be mostly caucasian, as well as one of the youngest religions, that’s just naive.

      “Religion: A daughter of Hope and Fear, explaining to Ignorance the nature of the Unknowable.” -Ambrose Bierce

      Keep up the good work Atheist Mom (as well as all other atheist moms).
      -an Indiana atheist dad.

    • I have a friend who was raised an atheist and she is one of the nicest people I know. She got good grades in high school, goes to a prestigious school, never used illegal substances, didn’t act irresponsibly with guys, founded a book club in her high school, rescues kittens and donates to charity.
      If that’s not a role model, I don’t know what is.

      Threatening a child with the idea of eternal suffering is immoral. I used to have nightmares that I’m going to hell because I stole a cookie from the class cookie jar in kindergarten. I’ve posted this before and I’ll post it again.
      Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God? -Epicurus
      Jesus wouldn’t talk to atheists like this. You should be more like him.

  12. Very interesting. I am (was?) a Catholic, who has questioned the fact that I have so many beliefs that differ from the teachings of the Catholic Church and many christian faiths. I live my life and teach my children that different people have different beliefs and Gods, but we have one common goal, to be good people and treat each other as we would wish to be treated. My children are honest, and kind, and respectful. I have conservative values and they are bound by those values and rules. I teach them to judge others on their goodness, not their color, creed, gender, or orientation. I have no problem with people that believe and worship in God. I respect them and their individual beliefs. What I do not respect, and in many ways has turned me away from organized religion, is when someone wearing the veil of being a “good religious person” condemns others for their color, gender, creed or orientation.

    Just because I question the existence of God does not mean that my children and I have no moral boundaries or guidance. It just means that I do not look to a specific religion for that guidance. If one of my children should grow up to become devout in a faith, I will embrace and support my child. What I will never accept from me, my spouse or my children is unkindness or hate towards people because of what they are not who they are.

  13. i’m a recovering catholic too! i always had a problem with church teachings growing up and as i got older i just decided that you can’t make sense out of something that is based on the misogynistic teachings of dead guys who really just wanted to control massive populations of people.

    i look forward to reading your past posts and you are definitely going on my blog feed reader!

  14. Oh Tom…
    “Religion helped me not drink and party…I did drink and party but it was the good Jesus amount.”

    I’m an atheist dad and I just found this blog. Good times.

  15. I know that atheists can raise moral and loving children. My daughter is wonderful and kind and she has never been baptized (I know we’re all going to hell) nor has she ever been to a church. My husband and I attempted to be married in a church (he was Catholic and I was Lutheran) and after encountering all the difficulties that brought things began to unravel for us. The bureacracy of the church seriously disturbed me. The more I researched the more I knew that I did not believe at the very least in the church but more likely in any of the teachings of the bible. I recently began reading “End of Faith” by Sam Harris and now I know that I don’t believe in that great fiction book. Sam’s writing has also made me start to think that believers are mindless sheep. I have always respected the rights of others to choose religion and I never say a word when grace is said, I’ll even bow my head out of respect for the family. I just wish others would afford me the same respect.

    • I’ll answer that, If we’re wrong we’ll just go to a kingdom and wait for a Mormon to baptise us by proxy in a Temple service ( baptism for the dead), that way we’ll have a chance to make a much more informed decistion. lol

    • Tammy, this is a question that gets brought up a lot in arguments with atheists. It’s called “Pascal’s Wager” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pascal%27s_Wager). The problem with the premise is that if you believe only because you fear hell, that is neither belief nor faith but intimidation and fear. Also, if you profess belief just to cover your bases, wouldn’t an omniscient god see right through that? It’s a very thin veil.

  16. I’m sorry I just don’t have enough faith to be an atheist. When I see even the smallest creature even a one celled organism I just can’t help but see the work of God. Without every part working together in unison these creatures just couldn’t survive. Just look under a telescope. Explain to me also how in evolution creatures that need oxygen to survive just happen to come along in a place that has plants to produce that oxygen? How we just got lucky enough to be not one degee closer or farther from the sun so we want freeze or burn to death? Explain how DNA just accidently came about? These are just a few questions that make me know for certain there is a creator. Yes I am a Christian and it always baffles my mind why people reject a God that before man was ever created knew he would die on the Cross for our sins and was still willing to create us in his image. The Cross was not plan B because we sinned, but God knew from the foundations of the earth he would have to die to have communion with us in Heaven. Did it ever occur to you that nothing ever occurs to God.

    • Well, according to the Bible, faith is a good thing. So by that logic, wouldn’t that imply that atheists are more moral than Christians?

      Anyways, that’s really beside the point. It doesn’t take “faith” once you study it, anymore than a doctor just randomly gives you medicine and has “faith” that it will work. Just because you yourself haven’t sought out those answers for yourself doesn’t mean that no one else has. When I step on a bridge, I don’t have faith in God that it won’t collapse because I know the principles behind the engineering that prevent it from doing so.

      There ARE answers to your questions, and if you REALLY want to know them, all you have to do is type them into Google. They aren’t hard to find AT ALL. You know what you can’t find in Google? How a massive God that managed to create those one celled organisms and place the planet at the correct distance from the sun just popped into being. Either God was Big Banged into being or the universe was. Occam’s Razor is all you really need to know.

  17. Hi, I am a young mom facing hardships with my choice to become an atheist. I grew up in a somewhat religious family (my grandmother is incredibly religious, and I feel if I came out to her as an atheist it would probably kill her.) I am also very lonely when it comes to this. I am also a humanist, and I have been a humanist for about 5 years now, before the last couple of years I was an agnostic because I didn’t want to let go of an afterlife. When I finally let go of the idea of an eternity it was the most liberating experience of my life. I finally figured out that I was my own god, I held the keys to my own destiny. My husband isn’t religious by any stretch, but he does believe in Christianity and we often find each other bickering about it. I don’t want to change anyone’s belief system (even my own husband’s) but I find myself wanting to convey to him how exciting it is to “think outside of the box” when it comes to religion. I live in S.E Texas, so I am right in thick of bible belt country. I have a couple of other atheist friends, (all male, I do not know another female that is an atheist) and they give me encouragement, but other people in my life insult me a lot for my non-belief. They tell me I am a bad mother, and a bad person, and that I will burn in hell for what I am doing. How do respond to that? I find myself getting very angry at those folks, because I try to be the best human being I can possibly be with out God. I don’t want to confuse my child with the idea of a great big man in the sky who is watching her every move and will punish her for her indiscretions when she dies. But also, if she decided to embrace religion, I will be supportive of her, because that is her own personal decision. Thank you for your blog…it makes me feel better that there is other moms out there who also are atheists. I find it comforting that I found this site.

    • Whenever people attack you, say this. And I know what you mean with the whole liberation thing. :)
      Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God? -Epicurus

  18. Hi, I just started a group on facebook, Atheist Moms, trying to recruit, interested? take care, peace,pam

  19. Pay no attention to Cathleen…she knows not what she says (though I have a feeling this call-out will encouraging more flaming swords…sorry).

    I think your Atheist-Mom blog is fantastic. I have been looking all over the place for an Atheist mommy group, but it’s nearly impossible in the Bible Belt. Nevertheless, our son will grow up thinking for himself. :)

  20. “Well, Tammy, what if you’re wrong and you should have been praying to Zeus?”

    No matter what you pray to, as long as your a good loving person, you’ll be fine when you die. It’s as simple as that.

    and eternity has been physically proven…come on you idiots, do you get all your come backs from dawkins? your sick.

    • ?? Dawkins? I don’t know what you mean. Furthermore, YOU could be wrong that being a basically good person will get you into heaven. Evangelical Christians would not agree with you. What makes your opinion so much better?

      Eternity physically proven? That’s so stupid, I’m kind of at a loss for words. Even if it has, that doesn’t prove heaven or God exists. People who go around acting as if they have a market on the truth: that’s what is sick.

    • So someone has managed to physically proven eternity? Is this Heaven? Hell or some other great beyond? How can you physically prove a concept?

      Its not like measuring distance.. If I say, its two feet from here to the wall.. You can prove that, But if I said space goes on forever.. There is no way to prove that…. I do not understand.

    • Eternity has not been proven. The concept of infinence has. And what does it matter if Dawkins is used as a reference? Please, if the Pope has an equally compelling argument, let’s hear it.

      Here’s one of my most underlying reasons for disbelief in the Christian God. It starts from the top at Adam and Eve. Most people say that god is omnipresent, he knows everything that has, can, or will happen. That in mind, he knew when he created Adam and Even that they were going to give in to temptation. To say he didn’t know denies his omnipresence. Also to say that he was giving us ‘free will’ is a cop out. Why would he create a paradise that he knew wouldn’t last more than a few days? It’s not Free Will if he already knew what would happen.

      That is not a loving and caring creator. In fact, from the point of Adam and Eve, all the way to the New Testament, to be a Christian meant slaughtering Goats, owning slaves, and global genocide by mass flood. And even since then, more have died for religion than any other reason.

      It’s one giant redundancy.

    What a load of bulls&*t.
    Proven? where? Who proved it? Show me the evidence. REAL evidence, not just biblical circular arguments, and I’ll send your name into the nobel prize people.

  22. This is a great site! My husband and I are also Atheist.
    Here is a question, what do you tell your children about death? Just wonderiing what other people are doing. I want to be prepared when the times comes :)

  23. We live in this world, we were born in this world and we’ll also die here. There will be no change at all!
    We’re not here to built up a new ideology to interpret world’s behavior,to me, as an atheist,I never want to search for a new prophet to tell what I’m supposed to do or to go, we just search, think, prove and believe. Now we do believe in morality, human values and even ethical principles which can be found in religions. If there’s a heaven and hell, and if there’s a God? How a cruel God ‘it” can be that never wants ‘its’ creatures think about the world without any uncertain and unreasonable fact. We believe in morality without any believe in supernatural reason, for being punished or rewarded.
    An atheist can grow her/his child just like lots of people did before, some did this in an easy way (= God says! Do this, because you are supposed to do this) and some did this by clarifying the life itself. We have to grow our children learning them how worthy is searching for reasons, how worthy is thinking. We believe that who live without any goal in their life and just want to enjoy it without any consideration of right and wrongs are just like religious people who do something because they’re told to do and if they do they’ll go to heaven and if not, hell is waiting to burn them!!!

  24. Just found your blog while googling sites regarding parenting in the atheist home. I have three beautiful children and I am also an atheist mom. My husband and I are both ex-mormons and have been defending our decision to leave the religion of our youth to family and friends for almost 20 years now. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to read your posts! I am also striving to teach my children to be critical thinkers. Thank you for your site!

  25. Hi there :)

    Don’t worry I won’t say mean things, promise :)

    Just out of curiosity – what is your explanation for people who have had near-death experiences, I know there are lots of books about it, one that covers people from different parts of the world (some had never heard of Jesus) and they all have similar near death experiences, where they died and came back to life.

    What is you explaination for those, just curious :) THANKS FOR YOUR HELP have a great day :)

    • NDEs are the result of chemo-neuro-electro-bio-physiological responses/reactions of brain cells. The same as dreams, thoughts, hallucinations, feelings, emotions, etc. The similarity exists b/c we all have the same brain chemicals. They make us human. Basic life & death experiences are fundamentally similar for all humans. Why shouldn’t they be similar? Most people experience de ja vu and we tend to have similar dreams like being unable to speak, falling or being chased.

      Emotionalism can be very convincing to those who haven’t learned to put it aside when looking for answers to life’s quandries.

      Btw, scienitifically, biologically speaking, no one dies and comes back to life. Death is an irreversible process. There are physicalities in between.

  26. Wow! I love your blog! I’m an ex-Catholic too. My husband and I rejected the church just this year after a lifetime of indoctrination, and a decade of being uber-heavily involved. I even have a degree in Theology!

    I often get very frustrated and disheartened at the antipathy towards atheists from Christians. We still haven’t been able to tell our families as they will not react well! They are very anti-atheists and think that they have no moral code and are basically ignorant and close-minded. Just the other day my mother-in-law remarked over dinner that people who believe in God are generally kinder, more generous and better people than those who have no religious beliefs. GAH!

    But aside from this, we feel so happy and free at being liberated from religion, superstition and manipulation. Our lives are our own and we are free. The future is full of great hope and potential and we enjoy each day with greater clarity and enthusiasm. There is no fear that we are not doing enough, praying enough or aren’t good enough. We strive to be good moral people because we want to be, not out of fear of eternal judgement.

    Our nine year old has adjusted well to our change of beliefs and our three year old is too young to have even noticed a change. But our almost five year old is finding it confusing that we don’t go to Mass anymore or say grace before meals. He doesn’t adjust well to change or new things and its taken him a while to accept that we don’t believe in God – though according to him, we still believe in Santa Claus, the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny! LOL!

  27. An atheist mom checking in from the Buybull belt. In the south, it can be a bit risky to be an atheist; a godless mother is right up there with child abuse.

    Thanks for being an atheist mom and a voice of reason among excellent godless parents everywhere.

    • Buybull! Holy crap, why haven’t I heard that before? Priceless. I have to say that I deeply admire all you atheist moms in the more religious parts of the country. That must be so difficult; everyone around you has the same delusion (or similar versions of the same delusion), and you are treated as the crazy one. I live in Seattle; it is not difficult to be an atheist (parent) here. Stay strong, sisters.

  28. I am also fairly certain their is no God. A critical thinker would never say for certain one way or another because none of us know anything FOR SURE. I am also a recovering Catholic who has found so much peace in accepting my atheism. I refuse to raise my children with guilt or fear.

  29. Wow! I am a mom-to-be and have been looking for a group or forum like this. I find it fascinating that even though many know that my husband and I are atheist, they insist on refering to our unborn child as “god’s gift” or some such nonsense. I have even been told that once this baby is born I will change my mind on god. I am just thrilled to find this and look forward to reading what others have to say.
    And as a gripe, why is it okay for religious people to challange and hate those that don’t believe, but my just announcing my athieism is attacking thier belief system? On a happier note Happy Paegen Holiday ushering in Spring and New life :)

  30. I love your blog! Finally, something out there for moms like me. You write beautifully. Thanks…
    Athiest mom of athiest kids married to an athiest in Northern PA

  31. I love this blog! Man, if I had a dollar for every blog I’ve stumbled upon that is awesome one minute and then the next minute going on about how their trip to church went. Awesome blog here. :-)

  32. I read all the comments left to you in your blog. I feel sick to my stomach. I have no idea how you do it, I’d be upset all the time if i had to read so much hate for no good reason.
    Religious people are supposed to be good. Be good! Stop hating.
    Your blog is an wonderful thing and I admire your character.
    Don’t let people bring you down.

    Have a big hug from an atheist mom of 2 little girl freethinkers in Mexico.

  33. I just found your blog and I’m so glad that I did! It’s very comforting to find other mothers out there who feel the same way that I do. I’m also a mother of two small children and I am an atheist (ex-catholic to specific). I’m raising my children to freethinkers also. It doesn’t surprise me that so many of the comments on here are so hateful and just plain awful, but it does make me sad. Please keep up the good work! There are many of us out there and voices like yours give us the courage to stand up and be heard as well. Thank you for this blog. :)

  34. I am also an atheist mom with three small children, and my 3-year-old son is an extremely compassionate, fair, and “good” person already (the other two are just too young to apply this to). Yes, the first talk we have about a close family member’s death might be different than that taking place in a Christian or other monotheistic household, but we can still comfort our children with the ideology that we are all part of “God,” if that’s what you want to call it (we won’t), in our connectedness to one another, in that our good acts that can’t be undone even after we go, in that we all come from and return to an energy so brilliant it powers a planet…

    We strive to be strong, ethical individuals because we’re human beings and that’s our amazing capacity, and I could agree that in this way, God is in all of us, but I don’t need to personify humanity, it’s rather redundant.

    Most of our playgroups are primarily comprised of some of the most wonderful, religiously faithful families I’ve ever met. I I understand they may worry about us, and I’m grateful to have people care so much that they fear for us, but I’m concerned for them as well, a concern I know I can’t articulate and still be considered their friend.

    It’s sad that many of the above contributors who are so saddened or enraged by this blog would be beside themselves if I spent my time visiting Christian mom blogs and maliciously commented on their belief systems. But I wouldn’t do that, because I hold myself to a higher set of standards than that.

    • beautifully said Mary! I especially like “in that our good acts that can’t be undone even after we go, in that we all come from and return to an energy so brilliant it powers a planet…”

  35. Athiestmom,
    I find your openness and positivity compelling. I am very interested in your thoughts and ideas, particularly in regards to raising children. I would love to hear more! Is there any possibility you could email me?

  36. I am not yet a mother but it is nice to see there are others like me out there.

    I find it interesting that those who are part of a religion and believe in god, think atheists believe in nothing. I believe that people should believe in themselves, their friends and family not something imaginary. People should take responsibility for their choices and actions and not blame them on something imaginary because it is easier. Things do happen for a reason-choices. What I don’t understand is why people are so afraid to take responsability for themselves.

    I believe I am a good person. I do things because I care about the happiness and suffering of others not because it will get me to heaven.

  37. Hi Atheist Mom,

    I’m really glad you’re back to blogging–I’ve missed reading your posts. And the babies are adorable!


  38. Hello,
    I’m very happy to find this blog. I just got into a huge argument with friends and family on facebook about lying to children about Santa and realized that I need to find a community of like-minded mothers so I don’t feel quite so isolated (or crazy). Thanks!

  39. Enjoyed your blog. You are quite articulate and it’s a pleasure to read your posts. I am NOT an Atheist, but can definitely respect your opinion, especially when all the “religions” of the world all think they are right, but never seem to have any real answers. However, this has not led me to the conclusion that God does not exist.

    I would never deny the incredible advances made by science, nor will I discredit its theories purely because it may challenge my own beliefs. However, there is one question that science has not been able to successfully satisfy, and that is “Can OUR existence be explained without the existence of God?” Even abiogenisis and evolution do not truly provide a concrete answer for how humans, or any complex organism, came into existence. Having said that, when you look around your house, I’m sure you can identify a purpose for every item you see; a clock, a chair, a shower, a light bulb, etc… Each of them has a purpose, and more importantly, each was created with a purpose. Now when you go outside and see trees, soil, water, the sun, the moon, each of those clearly has a purpose too. So doesn’t it stand to reason that they were also purposefully created? And if they are created, then doesn’t that mean there is a creator?

    I’m not here to try and convince you of anything. I love that your writings challenge me to take a solid look at what I believe. And now I would like to challenge you to take a look at the world around you and using logic, science, and personal experience, can you honestly say that this world and everything in it came into existence without a creator? I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

    Thanks and best wishes in 2012! :)

  40. Hi Atheist Mom, I am an atheist mom too. It’s funny to see what people have written in your comments. I am always amazed at how worked up some believers get when they find out you don’t believe. I look forward to reading more of your blog. You’ve got my support!

  41. HI, I am an Atheist mom to four boys. It is not easy. I am still shocked how many people react negatively to my lack of beliefs. I am 42 and still not fully out to everyone…but more and more I let it slip. All the best to you. Thanks for blogging.

  42. Hi there. I am a new mom, recovering catholic, and quiet atheist. I have been searching for a blog like yours. So many other mommy blogs have some sort of religious message. Thanks for speaking your mind and being so brave. What blogs do you read?

  43. Hi there. You have a refreshing blog. I just had a thought I thought I would add. Its on language and is there meaning in anything. If language didn’t exist before man (our language), how on earth can anyone be right about anything? We invented our language again and again to explain what we didn’t understand. WE literally have no proof that our language correctly describes our “experience.” So how can WE say there is a “God” or no “God?” When that word was made up from being non existent to begin with. Here is another thought. Before we (ahem) evolved from micro/macro bacterial form, did that bacteria have any knowledge of a human’s existence? Just because you don’t believe a God created the Universe you live in, it doesn’t mean one of such a theory does not exist. Also I am a God, you are a God, we all are Gods. We have the ability to create new life and watch it grow. Also we have created language which is a being in and of itself. Since the word for “God” has changed in meaning so often, why argue over the subject matter. Why label yourself to use such a interchangeable/flexible word? A drink can be a God, a painting can be a God, a book can be a God, a wooden idol, a star the Universe. Why label yourself to say, I don’t believe books are god’s or wooden idols. It all just seems like a waste of mind space to me. Lastly, just because it hasn’t been found by you, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, unless what I (really only sometimes think) is true, we are all in a computer program that changes history often, and sometimes little bits and pieces are left in our minds to screw with us.

    By the way, if a rose hasn’t the ability to know it is a rose, and can’t see itself for lack of eyes, can’t smell itself for lack of nose, can’t feel itself for lack of well, maybe it can feel itself, how can it know it is what we “BELIEVE/ Per see (ve)” it to be? So what if some maybe possibly have the ability to see God and you don’t, don’t get your knickers all in a bunch and try to change their lives because of it. So what if you believe and others think you are wrong, maybe you missed something taught in school, and are a little too dumb (sarcasm of course). There is no way to prove who is right using the very language that was made to express an existence that is not definite within its own existents’ experience.

  44. I hope you all understand where I am coming from. I added a lot between the lines. I will explain a little of what I meant when I said, :

    “Lastly, just because it hasn’t been found by you, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, unless what I (really only sometimes think) is true, we are all in a computer program that changes history often, and sometimes little bits and pieces are left in our minds to screw with us.”

    Just because someone anyone (scientist, teacher, mother, father, friend, love, child, God) says it, it doesn’t make it true. Even God said he would kill everyone and yet spared some. ;) Scientist by the way, use the scientific method to describe their theories. Unless you have gone through your own scientific method to explain your religious beliefs you are not warranted to use someone else’s method. It goes against the scientific method to do so. You must test and prove everything for yourself. A deity from above is none testable, since we for one have no idea where above is, Just because you can’t prove it, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Actually the only things we know exist are our own thoughts on what we per see (ve) to be true.

    “So what if you believe and others think you are wrong, maybe you missed something taught in school, and are a little too dumb (sarcasm of course).”

    Many have been taught this and that in school and by schools of thought. Its all a waste of time. We still haven’t come up with any reason to live expect we are born to. Everything else, every little lesson seems in vain. So when I see someone say, I was taught this in school, I think “what the hell does that have to do with explaining it all?” Isn’t that what school is all about. Isn’t that what most hippie or authoritarian teachers try to push their little agendas onto our young ones. Its that school will give you answers to the mysteries of life????

    Well, anyways… Why call yourself an atheist, when atheist means I don’t believe God is a wooden poll, or a book, or a piece of cracker? Why argue your beliefs of God with anyone else, when the word GOD (dear GOD!!!!) was made up along with every other word in our language. Okay here’s a doozy. Aliens who eat gummy worms made in factories on a different planet are coming to take over the world. See there, is a bunch of words set logically in order and still is a waste of time. Okay sorry if I wasted any of your time with my sayings. Have a good day. :)

  45. I’m glad i found this. I’m still in the LDS church, but I cannot help but see all the damage it does. there is no concept of moderation in anything. it is either terrible and you should never ever do it, or it is wonderful. our men are addicted to pornography and our women are on Prozac. But, it makes sense when you think that our masturbation is a crime against Chastity. Sure, a good priesthood holder would probably talk to the Bishop the first, second, or even third time he masturbated, but after that its easy to just feel helpless. sealed to your fate. Depression? I cringe when I hear my sunbeam sing the frowny face song. “if you chance to see a frown, do not let it stick, simply turn it upside down and smile that frown away” The message of that songs goes all the way into adult hood for us. I pride myself on looking happy, but I am not. I am so stuck. I made covenants in the temple one of which went along the lines of, “give my talents and money to the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints for the building up of zion EVEN UNTO THE LAYING DOWN OF MY LIFE” so why did i make that commitment if i felt uneasy keeping it? 1. they only give you an opportunity to leave BEFORE you know what the covenants are and 2. I was getting married 20minutes later to a guy I loved, my mother was next to me, and my entire neighborhood was waiting outside. now, if i was to leave the church it would be much worse for me. Heres a fun fact. Mormons don’t really believe in a hell the closest thing to hell is outer darkness and only former mormons qualify. Thats right. Only Mormons can go to Mormon Hell.

    • I’m sorry you are going through this. Have you been to exmormon.org? There are plenty of people on there who can help you transition out of the church gently and offer support if you choose to leave. There are also angry people who are extremely pissed off at the damage the church does… if you don’t like one of those groups, ignore them and stick with the other. I can understand both of them. I grew up (not Mormon) in Utah, so I have some understanding of what it takes to leave the church, because I have watched friends do it. I have also developed a healthy dislike for the organization and what it does to human beings both in and out of its flock. It is hard to break free, and I think you are brave and smart for seeing the damage it does even after being indoctrinated and sealed in the temple and everything. You are not alone.

    • Hi Izzy, I know its hard to leave but if you want to there is a lot of support out there if you google exmormons you will be able to see for your self, I know because I left the church 4 years ago.

      One thing I will say is that the mormon god is not the God that i believe in get your self a NIV bible ans see the difference in Marks Gospel it is clear that eternal marriage does not exist in Heaven

  46. Hi :) I just wanted to say that I totally respect your point of view when you say you want your child to “grow up to be a critical thinker who lives life in the now.” And I am absolutely certain your child WILL grow up to be a critical thinker. But I have a question. If your child ever comes to the point of believing in the Bible and trusting in Jesus Christ, would you be upset? I consider myself an extremely critical thinker and logical person. I have an atheist friend who looks at me and can not understand why I believe in God when every aspect of my thoughts and life are completely rational. Believing in God doesn’t make me a drone or unable to think critically. Likewise, not-believing in God, doesn’t make you a bad person. It is what you do that makes you who you are. To put it plainly, breaking the law is what makes you a law breaker. So why then do some people feel a need for God? Is it because we are lonely? Is it because we are brainwashed into thinking we do? The best way to describe it is to ask why a person needs a parent. You don’t need parents because you are lonely. You don’t need them because you are brainwashed into thinking you do. You don’t even need them to survive. In fact the only thing you need them for is to be born. To be given life. And any sincere longing for them beyond that point could only be explained by the UNIQUELY human desire to have a meaningful relationship with that from which you came. Forget religion. That’s not what God is, nor has He ever claimed to be.

  47. I am reading this from Australia and I am amazed that you are all still having this conversation about believing or not believing. This was stuff that we used to earnestly discuss when I was a teenager at high school. I am amazed that people are so polarised by what would seem to be a personal choice, not to mention the levels of judgement and disdain thrown around by both sides. What is going on in America these days that people are so caught up in all this, that so much vitriol and anger is put in to this discussion?

    I have lived and studied in the US for 3 years–it was a while ago I admit (the late 80s). I love the US and I have wonderful friends there, it is the most amazing country and, frankly it is critical for the rest of the world that the US continues to be amazing, but something is very wrong. People seem so fearful, so judgmental, so critical and harsh. People appear to be so insular and unaware of just how important the country is and the impact it has. There are many, many important things going on in the world that need our attention, why do you spend so much of your energy focusing on whether other people believe or not, surely that is something that is entirely personal and is entirely their business!

    I am a parenting expert (I learned my stuff in the US) I work with all sorts of families and kids, one’s beliefs just don’t come into it. I’ve seen terrible abusive parenting from the die-hard non believers all the way through to the hell fire and brimstone people–belief has nothing to do with it. Both can be great and both can be terrible.

    America, you are needed; this tearing yourself to pieces around this sort of thing is doing a major dis-service to your great and wonderful country.


  48. I believe that Atheists should be accepted like everyone else. I am a gay, liberal, pro choice, Catholic. I know I don’t believe in everything that the Catholics have to say, it’s just how I have been raised, so it’s what I identify as. Many gay people don’t go to church or are not religious, because they don’t feel accepted. I don’t let my religion or spirituality be influenced by the people of the church, but my belief system of God. I believe MOST Christians have it wrong, though there are some, like me, who get it right. My view is that I have my beliefs about God and spirituality, that God is the creator of the world, but that science is also correct. Basically, the idea is that God made the Big Bang and that everything in science is right, just done by a creator. I am also a good Christian in my opinion, because if when I die, I realize the Islamic, Judaic, or Hindu or any other faith was right, and I was wrong, that will be ok. I have the same chance as everyone else at being wrong.

    Also, a question. Say there is an afterlife, whatever it may be. How will you react? Also, are you open to your kids being religious even if you are not? It could happen…

    Politics and Cardigans

    • I totally agree with what you have said about God creating the ‘big bang’ and I am so pleased that you have not let narrow minded people influence you.

      To those who say to be gay is a sin I say remove the log from your eye, do not let narrow mindedness stop you from loving God because I am sure he love you

    • Right on. I used to have very similar views to you (used to be Catholic and believed that God and science could co-exist nicely). We need more people like you who are tolerant but still faithful to their own belief system. :)

  49. I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy reading your blog. I am from the states(the “bible belt”, to be exact) and have no support group when it comes to parenting. I have spent the last couple hours reading some of your posts and I fell so refreshed. It is truly inspiring to know that there is someone out there who is not so different from myself. You seem like an amazing mom and a wonderful example of who atheists really are! Have a wonderful evening.

  50. Hi Atheistmom, what a cool blog you have! I got linked to Jennifer Fulwiler’s blog http://www.conversiondiary.com/ who is an “atheist” turned Catholic, and figured there must be awesome blogs (like yours) of atheist moms. You two are like mirror images. It would be awesome to have you together for a conversation someday on something like NPR…

    I wrote a response to Jennifer here -> http://hereticsanonymous.wordpress.com/2012/05/03/an-open-letter-to-jennifer-fulwiler/

  51. Hi Athiestmom, you have a cool blog and I love that you want your child to grow up to be a critical thinker. I was a Mormon in the UK until about 4 years ago and previously I had what i thought was a relationship with God, I was so wrong about what it means to walk with Jesus but also pleased that i knew enough to protect me a little from Mormonism. it does strike me that you and your husband both come from strict religions as I understand that the catholic faith is also quite strict in its approach (having never experienced it first hand I am relying on the stories told to me by friends). If these religions made you unhappy and made you question God then you are right not to be part of them and I must admit that although Mormons are nice people they themselves being unsure of what they believe, the cult itself is dangerous, maybe not physically but emotionally.
    I would however urge you not to give up on God, I am talking from experience now and although i respect your views I just wanted to share this with you, once i left the LDS church i felt quite lost and also a little like you do but then I found a loving and inspirational church and was able to get back on track with Jesus.

    Again I do not want to offend simply share my story (the condensed version) with you.

    I hope that you and your husband are free of the demands of the LDS church

  52. Hey, I was listening to a podcast the other day and thought about the Catholic/Mormon background of your family. Thought you might find it interesting. Here’s the link. It’s free on itunes.

    117 Lectures on Systematic Theology.

    Both of these raise a few interesting points about the Catholic and Mormon “Scriptures.”

    The Canon of Scripture – Old Testament (#116)

    The Canon of Scripture – New Testament (#52)


  53. Thanks for posting more on how you’re raising your children. I am about to have my first child, and I am looking for ways to keep my child a critical thinker. Raised by a Buddhist and a Lutheran, I found my own path. I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

    And kudos for you dealing with all of these attacks. You’re a strong person!!!!! Keep it up :)

  54. Oh man. I’m so glad I found your blog! I have a very similar story and have been blogging about some of the same issues. It’s been scary and uncomfortable to make myself so vulnerable on the internet… but what else do you do with a blog?

    I’m became a Christian when I was 8, married a pastor when I was 21 and was a jesus-lover right up until we left the church. I’ve been living jesus-free for the last 8 years and it’s been wonderful and sad and exhilarating and lonely. I wouldn’t change a thing.

    I look forward to reading more. Keep writing! :)

  55. I look forward to reading your blog in more depth. My mother taught me that you must always be willing to learn about what you do not agree with to be educated. I am a religious woman. I do believe that I can engage my intellect and still maintain my faith. I believe dogma/ faith and the like are alive in the athiest movement, and the neo athiest movement as well. A step of faith is required for both and I fully applaud your right to choose what you call freedom from religion. Unlike many of your commentors, I was raised without a faith, and I find freedom in it! I thank you for expressing your thougths on this subject and hope it is as fair and open minded as it appears on first glance. it really doesn’t matter which side of this you fall, if your opinions can’t be expressed in a civil and thoughtful manner….they probably aren’t worth the LCD they are written in…

  56. Just found your blog and am now following! Nice to have a mom blogspot that is not centred around or somehow intertwined with religion and raising kids according to “God’s plan”. I’m quite tired of it and it’s nice to have a different perspective.

    I can’t believe how awful some people have been in responding to your site. (dare I say “especially some of the religious people”?). Let’s just all agree to disagree and not try to convert each other. Recognizing that we are all human and have way more in common is more important in the hear and now than what’s going to happen (or not) after we die.

  57. Please everyone read my comments above**** I should have posted them here at the end but I am new here and ….. I would like some response on my questions above *** THANKS!!!

    • Hi Cat. I’m sorry to hear you are struggling with this. I admire your courage; when you are taught from a young age to fear death (and fear hell, although I know that’s not what’s worrying you now), undoing that programming can be a real challenge. If you’d like to talk about it at more length, let me know. I’ve been talking to my young son about it a lot and so have had to think through it myself. Here’s the short version of how I approach these things:
      Life is finite, and because of that it is more precious than if it went on forever. Just because something ends does not make it meaningless. On the contrary, if we went on forever, then the details of our relationships or accomplishments would all blend in to an infinite blur.
      There’s a quote from someone that I’m about to butcher (I can’t remember who, could be anyone from Mark Twain to Bertrand Russell to Richard Dawkins) pointing out that before you were born, you weren’t bothered by your non-existence, and after you die, it will be the same. You will not be upset by not existing.
      It is hard to think that someone you love is gone. I’ve just been talking to my son about how we love and honor people by remembering them and thinking about them, and how their lives remain meaningful because we are still affected by them. Telling yourself stories about them going somewhere else does not really help with your loss, it’s just a bargaining tool for refusing to look at it straight on. This is an understandable thing, but if it really helped, religious people would not be shaken and saddened by death. And they still are.
      There is a group called “Grief Beyond Belief” that helps grieving people without bringing mythology into it. Here’s a link to their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/faithfreegriefsupport. They have resources that might be helpful to you.

  58. Thank you so very much Darbi. I truly appreciate your insight. I spent many years thinking that I would just see these people again, and now that I am 31, I have to come to terms with the fact that when we leave we are GONE!! I often wonder if the religion brainwashing fog has made death even harder to deal with now.

    • Cat, I think it is much harder for people who have false comfort taught to them from a young age. It’s never easy to face, but it becomes so much easier when you are taught that it is part of life. My son, who is three, now looks at a photo of one of my best friends, who died in an accident, and says: “I won’t ever see Uncle Scott. He died. You will always be sad that he’s dead.” This is not easy to hear, and of course I have the urge to say something ‘comforting’ that will negate his understanding of the truth. Especially when he figured out that he would die someday… I had this weird urge to say: “No, you won’t!” But that won’t help him. I think the first shock will dissipate for you and it will be easier to deal with after that happens.

  59. I have been anxiously awaiting for an update or a comment or a blog or just ANYTHING from this site. Hope someone strikes up some more conversation soon. I was excited to find the site, and now it has been mostly silent. Time to wake up and entertain me plz :)

  60. I think mark twain said it best “Religion was invented when the first con man met the first fool”-Mark Twain

  61. I think people belive in this bc it gives them some sort of confort in the fact that one day they won’t be here and will die. But I would rather life my life to the fullest and be all I can be. Even if he does exist why would he punish u for being an atheist? And yet somehow rapist a murderes who find god get a free pass to heaven? What nonsence! Anyway an eternity in heaven would be a hell for me.

  62. I’m an atheist, but I wish I could be a Christian, because I think it’s nice knowing that you go someplace else after you die, I could never be a Christian though because it makes no sense to me and I’m pretty certain God does not exist. However, I don’t think I would want to raise my kid to be Atheist, I don’t want him/her to have to struggle knowing that after he or she dies, that’s it. It makes me sad thinking of how much we’ll all be missing out on after we’re dead

    • Why would you lie to your kids about death? If they have any sense at all they will just figure out the scheme anyway. Religion is frikn stupid. Even the life after death part. I wouldn’t be sad about dying if someone hadn’t of lied to me about it in the FIRST place.

      This Blog is beginning to be as stupid as religion. Only visitors talking.

    • I think lying to your kids about the reality of their existence is unkind. I don’t think we all come into the world with terror of what will happen when we go out of it. There are social constructs that make that more terrifying..let me see if I can think of one…hmm, oh, right, religion. The excellent book Parenting beyond Belief has one suggestion that might be pertinent here: don’t raise your children to be atheists. Raise your children to be passionate critical thinkers. In that way when someone approaches them with one cult or religion or another, they have to tools to figure out what they think through their own rational processes. And the other path is fraught with worry and guilt…did that thing I did get me out of heaven? What if I do these things and worship that guy? No? Good acts and penance? You get the idea. I think the struggle to try to be perfect, to never anger the vengeful and capricious god, and to spend your life wondering which side of the ledger will be more full in the final moments. That sounds so much stressful than lying somewhere peacefully feeding worms after you have done your best to be a decent human (and a good one sometimes).

  63. Darbi: Why don’t you start a blog? I was so happy to find this, only to find it abandoned. I enjoy reading your posts Darbi!! :)

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