9 comments on “A Baseball Team from Heaven…

  1. Human being is co-creator by nature, angels are co-creators by submission. There is not in the whole Universe a better equipped being to co-create than human being and, specially considered, women. Any woman is a fascinating gift from the Creator for they yield Him her path to create a new human soul. But the most important issue is how gentle women play this holy Game of Heaven as we know that the women soul-love is the really human womb-birth.

    Purity and chastity are for all people, and in a tight way for american people at these crucial Times of Humanity, the best resources to dodge, get the Goals and become Winner. We will be glad to carry your fifth caress to you from Heaven.

    Cheers, american mom!

  2. Hi, AM! I know you do not believe in the existence of soul. I know you believe to be a compound of matter somehow linked by some patterns from nowhere at some time where time is not something real, etc. I know you believe that your poor babies are as you believe that you are, so to say, a bulshit under a nice hat. I know you believe that the christian Theo-Agony that american people is suffering becomes to be Your self esteem and an advance for your scientist business – Cryonics?, as to take coffee in Auschwitz? -. I know you believe you will not keep alive, you will not resurrect – Cryopreservation?, you, just yourself, will not exist anymore! -. I am a human being as you, I am not neither an alien nor a hybrid, sure you are not?

    If you, atheists, abortionist and other consanguineous ethical families have the right to murder America -we are watching-. Then, as you do not believe anything good valid for all people, believe this: We, the People, have the choice to wind up all of you and islamics. We are not the nazis but you are their late offsprings. Laugh or take a pill of laughing, what scientists as you send to the Market!

  3. Mistakes:

    Any woman is a fascinating gift from the Creator of the whole Universe, because woman yields to the Creator the unique path for the Creator draws in to create a new human soul, by the attendance of spermatozoon of human male will. Woman yields by her human nature though she did not have a choice. Her dignity is inherent to her human nature either with choice or without choice. The dignity of any angel is not inherent to its angelic nature but to its permanent submission to its Creator. By Jesus Christ and in Full Communion with Him the dignity of human being is now set over the dignity of angels.

    Google translator is very bad and my knowledge of the English language is worse. Do I still seem to be a random word generator? You could do some little effort to understand what people, free of fee, wish to present you. If my comment is really random words why do not you ask me for more tries to send you info? Full Info is the good deed that money can not buy.

  4. It is better to read your blog that to watch porno while almost all people watch. Your posts are not so dangerous, your theoretical lessons are very interesting. And by the way I may learn a little bit more the English language. Olé, viva España y sus toreros!


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