7 comments on “A letter to your child…

  1. Atheists does not know what love is, they only may know what a ten minutes of sex are. Atheists do not know what the horror of war is, they only may know to shoot the guns. Atheists wear fancy dress at White House claiming for China to save the World, Iran will be punished soon. Tomorrow they themselves will knock at your door for you to pay them their fees to build a Monkey America.

    • I can’t believe I’m even going to reply to this Ruth, since your comment is not only insulting but non-sensical. As an Atheist I can assure you that I know what love is. That I have children who I adore more than life itself. That I am kind and considerate and moral. I am sure you have already made your mind up about Atheists but I encourage you to get your head out of your ass and look around. And if you hate Atheists so much, don’t read Atheist blogs. Thanks for your valuable input.

      • Does your hormones give you the proper best way to love me? I do not believe it but if you do not love to me you cannot love to anybody. So then, you do not accept love if it has not a Trade Mark from, for example, Mr Dawkins. In conclusion, if you only accept that kind of ‘Love’ then you cannot give Love as Jesus did. Thanks for your piece of neuroendocrinological love.

      • Dawkins three points are correct. The issue with Dawkins is that he works from a presuppositional stance that God does not exist. Dawkins will follow where the evidence leads, so long as he starts from the presumption that God is not a possibility. However, he freely admits that the fine tuning argument is the hardest objection for Atheists to overcome. Dawkins partially argues against God from Infinite Regress (i.e. If God exists, who made him). Yet in his interview with Ben Stein, he states that perhaps an Alien race seeded earth. To which Stein asks where did they come from. Dawkins has no answer. It is unfortunate that people attack you because you are an atheist. I think we can disagree without being disagreeable.

    • Atheists don’t know what love is? That’s just wierd. I’m and atheist and I love my children more than life, I’d gladly take a bullet, train, or whatever comes in their path myself, I love my parents, who happen to be Morman, I love my siblings, I’ve had some great loves during my lifetime much more than you so called ” ten minutes of sex’ ( who are you sleeping with by-the-way only 10 minues??) I love my pets, crying when they get old and have to be put down, I love my country, and my fellow man. I literally cry when hear of children being bullied, women getting raped, and men getting murdered in America. I love all people, black, white, all races, creeds, religions, and walks of life, I love the homeless, I carry arround sandwitch bags of crackers, granola, and change, I spend countless hours couponing so I can shop and get great deals for the less fortunate, donate my stock pile to the homeless shelter, I love my co-workers, I carpool with those who have no transportation, I’m knitting my boss who’s wife just had a baby girl booties for her precious feet. Give me a break!

  2. As much as I am sure you enjoyed Ruth’s comments, I will have to tread a slightly different path for mine. I just found and very much am enjoying your blog. I am a mom of 3 little boys, am an atheist and a very liberal socialist. I have a hard time, at times, feeling able to speak my mind as freely as you do. Your blog is doing its bit to liberate me. Perhaps it is time to come out of the atheist closet. If not, my 4 year old will very soon be outing all of us anyway – he is very well-spoken and knowledgeable on his beliefs.

    As a side note, my kids are allowed to express themselves freely through language also…enjoyed your cursing post.

    Take it easy!

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