4 comments on “Happy New Year!

  1. I had almost the same year as you ! Had a baby boy, through c-section, move 4000 miles away from old-home, didn’t catch that much sleep, running like crazy to keep those pounds off. Now, half-marathon in May, and be a hip mama ! Also, write more and invest time in my blog… We’ll see how much we’ll get done at the end of the year I guess.

  2. Hello,

    I live in Califorina(born and raised), you’d think it was a tolerant place for an athiest..if there was such a place, but not when you’re a mom. I don’t pretend to believe in the fairy tales of the bible or belong to any religion but I can tell that it’s assumed and I have never “come out” to all of the people around me for fear that they would cancel play-dates etc… I don’t want to damage the relationships my children have built. I forget how I came across your blog. My children are getting older (7 &10) and I’m begining to feel the need to protect them from religion. It’s a difficult thing. Thank you for blogging about this movement.
    -Lena Rushing

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