2 comments on “This WTF moment is brought to you by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints…

  1. I had the exact same feelings when I was reading about this ridiculous skinny jeans issue. I just don’t like this mormon God. He seem’s like an asshole. He will answer your prayers about whether or not skinny jeans are true, and he will help you find your keys if you lose them, but he isn’t anywhere close to helping those poor starving people in Somalia. I’m ashamed I ever believed in that God.

  2. I have to laugh at this, it reminds me of a similar thing that happened to my mom. My parents are card carrying Mormons, and they volunteer every Wednesday to work in the Mormon Temple. Well this morning I was awakened by my Mother, she knocked on my bedroom door at 5:20AM I don’t live with her, and I’m in my 40’s so this was quite a shock, I thought someone had died, turns out, she was at my house the night before and thought she left her purse in my office. Apparently they were on their way to “work” and had to have their temple recommends to get into God’s sacred house.
    My mom was so frantic to find her recommend she popped in and woke me up to see if her purse was here. My 24 year old son heard them out knocking on the door and woke up to see who was out there.
    Apparently you cannot get into the temple without that card. Even though they go every week, and spend their mornings there working for the past two years, without that card no entry.
    It reminded me of my work. We have security badges to ” badge ” in to keep employees safe, and un wanted people out perhaps disgruntled customers, or criminals, thief’s and the like. Except at my job, they pay us, and if you forget your security badge you can call someone from inside the building and they’ll gladly come to the door and let you in, we’re like a big extended family. So I started thinking, God doesn’t trust his children, if they lose or forget their temple recommend no entry? Although they go there every single Wednesday morning, nobody inside will let them in without that card. My mom found her purse, she had dropped it in the basement while filing her paperwork, so although they were late getting to ” work ” they had the recommended in hand. Makes me grateful for my job, the people I work with, and the fact that if I do forget my security badge I have a nice co-worker to vouch for me and open the door. I can’t say the same for the temple workers, God’s rules are God’s rules, and no ID no entry!

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