4 comments on “In Defense of Polygamy

  1. Hi there! I added you to my reader a month or so ago, after some stuff blew up in the intersection of feminist and atheist spaces online (the whole elevator thing with SkepChick). A lot of the stuff I was seeing was, “Hey, atheists, if you want to treat women well then do these things.” But it wasn’t really addressing how to deal with moms, as in make atheist spaces welcoming and positive for women who have kids, which is a sizable number! So I thought: I can’t be the only atheist/feminist mom out there, and I found you. Happy day.

    Even happier that I saw you post something about this case, as I’ve been watching it a little too (even though I’m in the US) – I’m in a set of polyamorous relationships. I won’t go into the legal frustrations of those in poly relationships – I just wanted to say it’s really nice to find a place online where I don’t feel like I have to read something and be thinking, “Yes, but…” the whole time because one aspect or another of my identity is threatened or trivialized even as others are celebrated. :)


  2. As a feminist, I want to be able to say that I am pro polygamist marriage. It’s like porn, in theory, I am all for it. If people want to have sex on camera, or if people want to get 10 husbands or 10 wives, well, if everybody is on board, go for it.
    But then, argh, it’s hard to explain. It’s still perpetuates values that I don’t always agree with. Usually, those women (I am talking about the traditional polygamist marriages, which is usually one man and several women) were born to live in a similar lifestyle, so do they really have a say in their choice? Do they really choose this way of life ? But again, am I making a choice based on reason about my monogamous marriage, I mean, I was raised in one, I never really questioned it either. Maybe I am the crazy one, choosing to only have one husband and no sister-wives.
    As long as nobody is hurt in the process… I guess.

  3. All very interesting. As I see it (as an agnostic and staunch secularist) marriage should be about consenting adults. Western society, at least legally is already beginning to accept consenting adults can be of the same gender and I think the next step will be to recognise that more than two people may be involved.

    Provided we continue to uphold the laws we have which protect children from brainwashing and sexual abuse I can’t see any real reason, regardless of my personal thoughts on the subject that we should stop consenting adults from poly-marriage.

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