13 comments on “How do you explain immersion in olive oil!?

  1. I like this post.

    As an atheist mom-to-be, I appreciate learning how like-minded parents deal with such issues / kids’ questions.

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  3. As a new mom, I can’t even imagine what I’m gonna tell my kids, without him thinking that his whole family except us, have an imaginary friend. I think I am more afraid of the “god talk” than any other ones that we’ll need to have :)
    I guess going to a ceremony isn’t even a bad idea, was she curious to see other ceremonies from other religion after that ? Did she talk about it later ?

  4. I just found your blog. ^^ I like it. I like how you write and what you write about. Your little girl sounds really cute. I’m in my twenties and will probably start a family in five years or so. I was thinking about the hardships of being a minority and how my children may get teased in school in the future. I decided to look up how other non-religious mothers are dealing with it. I know your kids are probably too young for school, but it would be interesting to see your take on how to deal with people tormenting your children for being critical thinkers. I’ll pop around your older entries for a bit. Your blog is great. Thanks for sharing. I was feeling kind of alone.

  5. Lol! So glad I found your blog…though my daughter is only a year old, I often wonder how I’ll explain certain things to her, especially since we unfortunately live in the “Belt Buckle of the Bible Belt”…I think I’ll use your example.

  6. I am not sure where else to share this. I sometimes read a fundamentalist woman’s blog. I saw an entry last night that I find incredibly disturbing (more than usual). She basically blames her 3-year-old grandson for cutting himself on her razor – while he was unattended in a bathtub. My legs shook as I read it. She compares his “sin” to her own trials. She then compares her reaction (blaming the child) to God’s way of “loving” and “protecting” His children. There is even a picture of the child’s bloody and bandaged hand under the title “The Wounds of Sin.”

    Here is the the link:


  7. Wow. “The Wounds of Sin” thing was just disturbing. And who leaves a 3 year old in the bath tub alone?

  8. Alone and with her razor!! I don’t know. It’s really upsetting, and she continues to defend herself with disturbing rationalizations.

  9. I just came across your blog (and I LOVE IT) looking for insight into how athiest moms deal with the world and with their children in a all-so-consuming society of god-fearing followers. I’m from a very very religious family. My mother claims she will pray for my soul everyday, LOL. I have my “OH GOD” moments or “AMEN” moments or even “I Feel BLESSED” moments but when I step back and look at the whole CULT organized religion thingy, it doesn’t make any sense to me. I feel almost – funny! To think I need to blame or thank a single deity for everything I have or don’t, seems selfish. Maybe this is why I have felt as if I have not “FIT” in any particular group for so long. Anyhow, I enjoy your writing and look forward to more insight. – LOVE THE PINK BLANKIE REFERENCE! btw :) so cute.

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