2 comments on “Japan

  1. When I used to go to church, a relief society teacher taught in a lesson once, that the earth knows what day it is, and it knows what day is the sabbath. When MORMONS break the sabbath day, and go shopping, or work, or any other activity that doesn’t keep the sabbath day holy, that the earth knows, and that is what causes natural disasters. And the deaths of people that occur because of these natural disasters, will be on the hands of those mormons who break the sabbath day.

    It was at that moment I knew I needed to get the hell out of religion. That and the fact that people are injured and suffering, and I can pray for them and they won’t be healed or comforted but if I pray to God to help me find my keys, he will help me find them. It totally makes perfect sense.

    Thank God I’m an Atheist.

  2. I heard one of the commentators on CNN mention that the Japanese people feel that they are being punished. I wish I could remember who said it. I heard the comment and wondered about religion in the culture. I have been watching for hours, and it was the only comment of that nature that I caught.

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