5 comments on “A Medical Miracle

  1. God will heal your BIL’s knee but do nothing for those affected in Japan’s recent earthquake and tsunami tragedy?

    A knee injury?

    I can understand your frustration!

  2. This kind of thing irks me. I remember when the earth quake in Haiti happened, and there was a picture and story in the news about this old man who had been in a nursing home that was destroyed by the earth quake. It showed a picture of this man, who had a broken leg, bone sticking out of it, infected. Sitting in a dirty, overflowing diaper, while rats picked at the sores and wounds on his body. He laid there for 8 days until he finally died. I prayed for that man (when I actually believed there was a God). Soon after that, my dog swallowed a baby wipe, and was sick in the hospital. He was uncomfortable and in pain, but not in any mortal danger. We just had to wait until the wipe passed through, and he would be fine. Well, I knelt down to pray for my dog, and then I remembered that old man, whom I had prayed for, and God hadn’t helped. And I thought “if God isn’t going to help this helpless man, why on earth is he going to relieve pain from my dog?” That was a very defining moment in my life, believe it or not. I decided then and there that there are one of 3 options. 1. There is no God. 2. If there is a God, he cannot meddle in anything that happens on this earth, things just have to be the way they are, and he can’t do anything about it. 3. God is an ass hole.

  3. Number 4 – FTW. Also, why doesn’t God just prevent these things in the first place? I know – fallen world, freewill, Satan, (insert other rationalization)…

    If you need a good laugh and cleansing experience, go see The Book of Mormon on Broadway. It is awesome.

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  5. new to your blog and i couldn’t agree more with this post! I think this all the time! My in-laws are very religious and are always praying for something “praying he gets this new job” “praying husband gets over his cold soon” are you serious?! argh you expressed my thoughts perfectly

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