5 comments on “Atheist Mom M.D.?

  1. “I will be forty in seven years whether I go to medical school or not.”

    When I realized how young 45 really is (1 month ago), I wish I could have possessed even an ounce of your wisdom. I was born without a ‘motivation gene’ causing me to be I ‘opted’ for Nursing school. After 11 yrs as an RN, I’m done. I’m only left with deep regret for being too chickensh*t to go to pharmacy school (similar math issues).

    I was in too much of a hurry to be free of my evangelic-christianista parents & the oppressive thumb of my authoritiarian, a**hole father. That’s what I continue to tell myself anyway…*sigh*.

    I hope you rock med school. Yay for atheist doctors!

    Whether you succeed or fail at it, conquered demons are always a good thing; never clutter your synapses with that evil neurochemical called guilt.

  2. Wow, I just read this.
    I love it! What an awesome, perfect, wonderful thing to do. No f-ing way is 33 “too old.” Besides, 40 is the new 30. So there.
    Meanwhile, if you don’t get a perfect MCAT score, it just means you get to go to med school in Mexico or the Philippines or somewhere else interesting and so you get to travel and live abroad again in addition to pursuing your lifelong dream. What could be better?
    I would just like to really thank you for putting that “what conversation will we be having when we’re 80” bit in there. I really needed to hear that right now.

  3. I’m in such a similar space, with a bachelor’s in Zoology, a half-finished graduate degree in Evolutionary bio, and a recent move out of the workforce to care for my family. What I (disconcertingly) don’t have, however, is a dream still sitting out there. The clock is ticking for me because my husband has a 24-month housing stipend that is essentially “paying” my stay-home-mom wages.

    I’m not sure what I want to do next; you should go for it!

  4. So what was the outcome?! There were a few 40 year olds and more than a few in their 30s in my med school class!

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