3 comments on “Where Do Babies Come From?

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  2. I am taking contacts with mormons and I had no idea about those items you mention in your post. I do not like to read about mormon doctrines because I get crazy after a few pages. Your nutshell has been a very good knowledge for me. I bookmarked this post for a deeper study.

    I commented your “A Baseball Team from Heaven…” post before to read this nutshell. It is crystal clear that I am too many light-years far away from mormons. I now doubt that some fruitful contact with them might be a fully success. Whew! I must become more patient with these issue.

    I have found in wikipedia something besides called Kolob. But, because I see Him as I adore Holy Host, I have to deduce that the Throne of God is here in Earth for ever and ever. Is by God the Almighty not posible to maintain beautiful His footstool? (Mt 5:35) Mormons are as much rare as a water island in the middle of Ocean. We, people, are water gouts in the Ocean of intelligent beings and their ‘water island’ among us has set a very big problem for we communicate with them. Only the Wise God knows, I am only a fool! – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0k3IcJP8PTc -.


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