2 comments on “Sick…

  1. “The fact that we aren’t in the church makes everything we say dismissable. No matter how evidence-based or true it may be. ”

    That’s true for me, as well. It seems that Atheists are sometimes discredited because, well, what the heck could we possibly know, right? I mean, we don’t even believe in God.

  2. I sympathize with your frustration and anger. That is incredibly serious and I do not suggest that I have “The Answer(s).” Immediately after I read your blog entry, I closed the tab and on another web page read this quote from Susan Faludi: “As it turns out, social scientists have established only one fact about single women’s mental health: employment improves it.” I’m talking seconds later. While I won’t suggest that God led me to that quote or anything ;) it did make me think – hmmm, what if the SIL got a temp job for the holidays? Has that been suggested/floated/roundly condemned at all? I mean – if she’s not doing anything, and it would conveniently be a way to save extra money for London, and then it would also just possibly help her in some tiny tiny way also to have some mentally healthy seeds planted, perhaps it’s one thing you could encourage her to do?

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