2 comments on “Word of Wisdom?

  1. I love this post. To be fair, though, I would say it’s not just Mormons who have done a major shift in the whole beer thing. I mean, back in the day — here in North America and across the ocean — beer was the drink to have at dinner, sort of with the place at meals that water now has for us, or maybe soda. Now, we have clean tap water running from our faucets almost all the time, in certain societies, so beer had to find a place somewhere else, and it fit in really well with the fun & strong drinks. You still see beer treated a little bit differently, like being sold in some grocery stores even in U.S. states where the hard stuff is sold only in state liquor stores, etc But it’s not different enough to be legal for all ages or anything. It would be interesting to read more about the shift in thinking toward beer. Maybe I can dig up some Mormon ancestors’ journals and see if they had some thoughts on the subject!

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