3 comments on “I put the Christ in Christmas. I also put it in “Holy F&%@n Christ”.

  1. I’m an atheist with no issues celebrating Christmas/christ story. Here’s why: all holidays/occasions have forgotten origins. I mean, think about Valentine’s or St. Patrick’s for just another religious example. Almost no one can tell you a thing about ol’ martyr Valentine, and no one I know forbids their non-Catholic children to bring valentines to school for all their classmates. It goes the other way too: how many people can tell you the noble, pacifist origins of Mother’s Day? Few. There could be a time six hundred years from now where people will say, “Well, originally this holiday had a story about three wise men bringing gifts…” I figure we’re just on the way to that. I celebrate holidays I like: Christmas, Halloween, etc. and I totally avoid the ones I hate, Valentine’s Day chief among them, and I never get bogged down in the so-called religious meaning of them any more than I would get bogged down in thinking about horses when I drive a car. Merry Christmas!

  2. I don’t see anything wrong either with celebrating “Christmas”. What the heck do presents, family dinners and decorating a Christmas tree (which BTW, it’s origins are pagan ones celebrating a frutiful harvest in Germany) have to do with the birth of Christ? Nothing. But I will continue to let my in-laws think otherwise to keep the peace. I like the festivities every year but I also don’t go to church to celebrate the birth of Christ b/c it’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. A virgin birth? Are you kidding me? Plus I’m not sure Jesus’ idea of Christianity is quite what is practiced today. You had to convert to Judaism before you could be considered a Chrstian right after Jesus’ death. I don’t think any Christians today know the slightest about the Jewish religion ( nor do I). The whole thing is just completely weird. Christmas for most people I know is just a celebration with family(meal & gifts) and a quick trip (if any) to church to make sure they get their “goin to Heaven” credits in. I concur w/Linda that most holidays today have lost their original intent. Luckily, I get to take a pass on the quick trip to church ( although I know some in my extended family would like me to go just to make nice)..

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