One comment on “irreconcilable differences

  1. As someone who’s been struggling with Christianity vs. well, Everything… I appreciate your post and blog. I’m probably what you’d call a “fence-sitter” at the moment. Though, honestly, I think I’m more in a research phase- so I’m not sitting idly by pretending. This is a huge struggle for me as I’ve been a Christian my entire life. Staunchly so, actually. I’m really missing the ‘hope’ I had before I started thinking critically. Ignorance is bliss after all. But then I had an epiphany of sorts, as related to evolution and the very issues you bring up in this post. Since then, there’s been no turning back in my quest for answers. I will say this, there are times, now in my skeptic state, where I feel so much more ‘present’ now than I ever did before and for that I’m grateful. Thanks again for your blog!

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