One comment on “Love the sinner, hate the sin?

  1. AM,

    As a new and apt reader of your blog, I would personally like to say that I think the ‘pep talk’ would be a good idea. Not only would it be a good heart-to-heart before the big mission, but would, also, allot the time for your family to give him an understanding/opinion from the other side of the ‘bush’.

    I think it is irrevealant to say that you don’t wish to push your ideas on him, because just by stating your opposition to religion is stating the foundation of your beliefs. Do hear me out on respecting his beliefs, they are [currently] his beliefs. However, as you said in this blog he will be barraged by different beliefs once he leaves. Why then are you the only ones scared to offer him “spiritual” guidance?

    -Joshua Duncan

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