7 comments on “Calgary Catholic Schools and HPV

  1. Your post was much more eloquent than mine. Very well written. I’m also in Alberta and am waiting to see what the Catholic Board will recommend here. They’re pretty strident & over-the-top so I’m assuming they’ll be siding with Bishop Henry.

    Thanks for the great read.


  2. Why DID you have a framed picture of him in your house? Or was that just a generic not-really-thought-about thing? Here at my mom’s my boyfriend asked me after seeing a photo in an album, “What IS that building? Your mom has it in the living room, too?” Uh, yeah, that’d be the Mesa Mormon temple. Ugh.

  3. The hpv vaccinations are hugely controversial. Even a renowned gynecologist on Oprah said she belives very strongly that the vaccine is dangerous and wrong.

    • Thanks for your comment Claire. The problem I have isn’t that some people chose not to vaccinate their kids. If it was based on researched, considered scientific issues surrounding it, than fine. It’s not the opinion I’ve come to but they are entitled to it. Basing it on the idea that it would encourage sex or not doing it because the Bishop told them not to is negligent.

  4. I am confused about this. If you are an atheist then why do you care what the Catholics do? You said you have no problem with people not getting their kids vaccinated. But you do have a problem with a school that does not want to encourage vaccination? Or do you just have a problem when people make choices for religious reasons?

    The bishop did not say Catholics should avoid the vaccine. He did say the school is not the right place to do it. They cannot teach kids that sex is for marriage one day and the next day tell them we all know you will have sex in junior high if not sooner. So you leave the choice up to parents. They can get the vaccine if they think their daughters are not likely to wait for marriage. They can avoid it if they think their daughters are likely to remain pure.

    I didn’t get my daughter vaccinated. She is in the 9th grade. If she decided that chastity is not something she wants to live then I will suggest it. But if she follows through on her plan to avoid sex outside of marriage then the vaccine makes no sense.

    • Randy – If you think you’re daughter is going to make a formal announcement to you about when she wants to have sex, you may wanna review adoloscent psychology.

      I think Atheist Mom’s issue does not entirely stem from caring/not caring about what catholics do in general, but in a PUBLICALLY FUNDED SYSTEM. In Toronto, I have a huge beef with the PUBLICALLY FUNDED Catholic board that is legally allowed to base their hiring practices on faith. i.e. I am a professional who cannot get a job in this board because I am Jewish. It’s an enormous abuse of power adn public dollars.

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