One comment on “Dr. George Tiller

  1. I will have to agree with you that many in the pro-life movement are as guilty as the people they’re fighting. People who are are true to the goals of pro-life movement not only should be against abortion, but also the death penalty, euthanasia and all the many ways our culture diminishes the value of life. Murder would have to be included.

    You will find people inside the pro-life movement who are concerned about all life (not just the unborn), but abortion politics makes for good media coverage and advertising dollars. And there is nothing wrong for people to hold a viewpoint as such – it doesn’t have to be a religious thing to declare “I believe that life is special and needs to be protected.” I am sure there are those inside the pro-life movement who were disappointed in the news of the murder, and some who were joyed by it.

    To prejudge everyone inside the pro-life movement as a radical religious right-winger would make one just as guilty as those inside the movement who play God and judge doctors and clinic administrators as “unfit.”

    Can an individual be in an organization such as the Army of God and say they’re a pacifist? Of course they can, so long as they don’t take militant action. Would I describe the Army of God as a pacifist organization? Definitely not, but I need to make the distinction between the individual inside an organization and the goals of an organization itself. (I would also be suspicious of anyone in such an organization who claims to be a pacifist, but in the end all these things are simply labels …) It’d be wrong of me, for example, to assume every Catholic believes and follows the doctrine of the Church, simply because they go to church?

    We, as human beings, like to attach labels to things: atheist, Christian, abortionist, murder, bigot, hypocrite, open-minded, enlightened, etc. It’s just a way for our egos to better separate ourself from something else and claim individual identity. We also like to join groups because it’s a way to “buy” or become quickly associated with an identity. At the end of the day though it is not really who we are, at most they’re simply roles we might play.

    The whole “abortion” debate is very emotionally charged and much more complex than can be given time to discuss in a single blog post. It highlights how humanity is fundamentally flawed (on both sides), imho. You make some good points here about the duplicity of many in the pro-life movement, but you also make attacks based on assumptions that I’m not entirely sure are true.

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