3 comments on “abortion

  1. I wrote something about abortion – but haven’t had the guts to post it yet. Making abortion illegal WILL not save lives. It will cause more death, if anything. Women who want one will just be forced into getting one done in a different (dirty) setting – or they will kill THEMSELVES.

    Being pro choice doesn’t mean pro-abortion.

  2. You are right on the money. Abortion is an ethical issue, not a religious one.

    But I don’t think that comprehensive sex-education and access to birth control will ever address the real issue. You have to first understand that people have sex for pleasure. When a person engages in ANY behavior for self gratification, the desire then becomes to do it more and more at ANY cost. Sex education has turned into lessons on how to attain pleasure without unwanted consequences. Mutual Masturbation, Oral Sex, Birth Control, are among the “methods” being taught. NONE of these address the issue. The real issue is that people are having sex BEFORE they are emotionally ready for it. Religion views sex outside of marriage as sin. “Sin” may not be the way you wish to describe it, but the bottom line is that it’s NOT a good idea. I don’t care how much you want to have an orgasm, having sex before you are in a committed lifetime relationship has negative consequences that extend far beyond sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancy. Personally I can not think of a single “GOOD” reason why people should be having sex before marriage. I had A LOT of sex before marriage and I did not gain an ounce of wisdom from it. Sex outside of a committed relationship is about SELF gratification. Sex inside of a committed relationship is the exact OPPOSITE!

    I know this is a seemingly impossible expectation. And clearly society agrees it is impossible because it would rather be “realistic” and eliminate the consequences instead of addressing the behavior. Filling in the cracks is not a substitute for laying a good foundation.

    Now, for the sake of argument, and in order to tie this in with Religion, I want to say that God’s original plan, was PERFECT. You can disagree all you want, but the paradise that is described in Genesis is a place where any conceivable reason NOT to have kids, was obsolete! There was no disease, no shortage of food, no rape, no careers to be ruined, no college to finish, no health risks, NOTHING! But we don’t live in paradise. So having kids IS absolutely something that needs to be taken seriously and there ARE tons of factors to consider. I don’t think birth control is bad thing at all. But again, I would suggest abstinence before marriage. And birth control after marriage. The key is that both focus on PREVENTION. The minute you go from “how NOT to get pregnant” to “how to get RID of a pregnancy” it becomes an ethical issue, and a very messy one at that.

    In my heart, I do believe a woman should be allowed to make the choice. But the reason I can not support a pro-choice campaign is because women are NOT being presented with a choice. They are being presented with a solution to their “problem.” A real choice can only be made when a person is fully informed. How many women get to see the dismembered body of the “fetus” that is taken from their womb? My guess is NONE. Why? Because having an abortion is hard enough and no one wants to add more emotional discomfort to the situation. I’m not saying we should be heartless and make a mockery of the procedure. But any woman that has an abortion because of CHOICE (as opposed to the tiny percentage that require one for medical reasons) should be required to LOOK at the consequences. Plain and simple. Protecting people from consequences is NOT the loving thing to do. We must face reality sooner or later.

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