3 comments on “changing the rules

  1. Wow, great blog. I too am Atheist ( a quiet one) I have Mormon parents and did the force feeding as a kid to church. I’ve been to many churches, and never believed in any of it. I called myself agnostic for years, but now thanks to my kids and Youtube, I watched some videos and yeah, I’m and Atheist and have starting telling those who ask… I live in Utah so yeah, they ask lol
    I remember as a young 18 year old fresh out in the work force after growing up Mormon being asked my a customer where I lived ( I worked on the phones in customer service) I said Utah, she said “Are you Mormon?” I said no ( even though I was babtised and all) I wasn’t struck by lightning by saying the words “no”. It was strange at first but got easier as time went on. Something empowering happened to me that day by telling a stranger “NO” I’m not mormon I felt such relief from the bondage of that church.
    I get the missionairies knocking on my door every once in a while, and your blog has given me some good answers and points of discussion to use when they ring the bell. Thanks so much, I’ve stayed up way past my bed time reading your blog, but it’s worth being tired in the morning.

  2. You said it yourself, some of these people are ” trained to question and seek sufficient information before telling a story.” Doesn’t that tell you something? Why do you assume faith is the “ability remove an otherwise functioning brain and put it on a shelf.” Do you know what FAITH is? Faith is believing the truth. For faith to be faith, we must have a reason to believe. You have faith that a chair will hold you before you sit. Even if you never sat in that particular chair before. You have a reason (likely based on personal experience) to have faith in that chairs ability to hold you. I know that it is difficult for you to see how this could possibly apply to faith in God. And I have know way of knowing the evidence that convinced you that God is not real. But I can say that I have made a sincere effort to seek out every atheist objection to God and I haven’t found a single one that “holds water.” (I could list them, but I’ll spare you the details unless you ask for them because it is very lengthy, and I have enough trouble keeping my thoughts to a minimum).

    Not ever “religious” person truly has faith. Most of them just have hope. People who have true faith, don’t just believe in something because they were told to. They believe because they have reason to. Real faith does not succumb to scare tactics, nor does it thrive on reward systems. They don’t believe to “escape” hell or to gain “heaven.” They believe because they have a reason to believe. And because that reason is so real that their trust is not easily shaken. A chair can give way underneath you. It doesn’t mean you’ll never sit again. The more reasonable thing to believe is that there was something wrong with the chair that you put your faith in.

    Do you want to know why the people depicted in the Bible had faith in God? It’s because he NEVER let them down. He always fulfilled His promises. THAT was the REASON for their FAITH. There are people alive today that have real faith in God, and they have personal experiences to back up their beliefs. They have REASONS to believe it. Albeit, what they consider a reason, you might consider comical.

    It’s perfectly fine if you think that God and the Bible are purely fiction. That’s your opinion and it is shared by many other very intelligent people. Personally, I have done my share of research (most of it secular) and considered both sides of the debate and have found WAY more “evidence” to align my opinion with those who believe it to be true. If you think God has failed to live up to his promises, then I can understand why you would not have faith. But I can tell you that if I ever entered 2 + 3 in to a calculator and the answer came back as 6 instead of 5, my first reaction would NOT be to loose faith in the calculator. :)

  3. I forgot to add that you truly intrigue me. I find your blog so intellectually stimulating. I hope I have not offended you in any manner with all my comments. You passion shines through in your writings. I am just as passionate about what I believe to be true. Thank you for respecting my opinion even though it is not the same as yours. I assure you, I did not leave my brain on the shelf. :)

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