One comment on “ritual sacrifice

  1. Perhaps the void from letting go of rituals can be filled by culture? If we look at religion as “performance art” it’s not necessarily hypocritical to enjoy the songs etc. that it has produced. Just as most moderate religious people can enjoy/appreciate secular art. I don’t really see anything wrong with keeping the fun traditions of religion (e.g the Christmas tree in your case, the Hannukah candles in mine), especially those that serve a “human” perpose of celebrating with family. I will take holidays (and in Judaism there are MANY) as opportunities to educate him on religion. So instead of the holiday being used as it is world wide, to teach the child fiction as truth, I would use it to teach my child the historical truth (i.e. *context*) about the fiction. In “faiths” that hold you as members based on your birth (e.g. Judaism/catholoicism) rather than practice, I don’ see why we can’t take advantage of being default members of the community by claiming the cultural heritage imposed by the religious loophole that ensures phrases like “atheist Jew” are not an oxymoron”.

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