2 comments on “we are all Atheists

  1. decided to leave a piece of my mind here;

    the reason you don’t believe in god comes from euro-centric brain washing. There have been many gods in the world, but you must remember that the god referenced in Hinduism, the oldest religion, is the same god Jesus speaks of. like I said, know your history, bitch.

    But hey back when I was stupid, I believed anything Dawkins told me as well.

    -Kevin Smith, m.d PhD.

  2. Hinduism dates back to 5500 BCE. Zoroastrianism is older than that, as is elements of Paganism, which date back to the Paleolithic era. That’s just two examples. You should maybe know YOUR history before you go around accusing other people of doing the same. If your rude ignorance are any example of a person that believes in God, I will keep my atheism, thank you.

    But that’s okay, because back when I believed in God, I was stupid as well. Maybe someday, you’ll grow some brains.

    -Laura, who does not need to advertise my credentials in order to feel smart or superior.

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